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About Us


Since its founding in 2014, the fashion label MARQUE NOIRE from Berlin has created a space for all those who want to leave the crowd. The designers from Berlin, who were inspired by fashion from New York and Paris, are constantly developing. With their unmistakable, timeless style and the inspiration from the fashion metropolises of the world, they create something very own.


MARQUE NOIRE is constantly on the move and still remains with itself. The fashion is black and different. It is worldly and yet its own. It attracts attention but does not distract. MARQUE NOIRE creates black fashion that not everyone is wearing and distinguishes, stylish but yet simple, from the current street style.


MARQUE NOIRE is more than fashion: a lifestyle for all who have found themselves. For all who are themselves and who stand out by their personality. It has been widely known for a long time now that MARQUE NOIRE is no longer an understatement, it is a statement.


Because MARQUE NOIRE is not a brand, MARQUE NOIRE is the new black.